Moonshine Woman
  ================ A K Das Mridul

  I owe you my love to live the human life,
  Settle on your lap like children,
  Sleep and hear the story of loner dome,
  Fall asleep by the affection of your soft hand.

  I shall be the companion of your heart in the rainy night,
  Embracing and listen the song flown from beyond of the cloud,
  Sip the raindrop from your lower lip,
  Touch your heart keeping ear on your bosom.

  I will pass across a life with you,
  Create a garden with romance of so loving pairs,
  Sitting there in moonshine, hear the tune of magic flute,
  Keeping head on your bosom, breath on the fragrance of Hasnahena.

  I shall be your company on the way in winter morning so calm with dew drops,
  Have color on the door to heart and love from way to way,
  Shall I be the rhyme of natural beauty in your heart,
  Wipe the sun sweat by soft hand.

  Human life, shall I screen my life with you,
  Build the kingdom of love like heaven,
  Being the king, put crown on your head,
  Return at the dark night by the ray of full moon sweeping your body.

  Shall I be the wave in your heart on ocean sway in full-moon,
  Swim in your heart under the cast of water shine,
  Deliver a cozy soft touch to the agitation in your heart,
  Dye the moonshine in the heart take smell of your beauty.

  I will pass across a life with you.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

Madhobkundo Hill
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