I Shall Bring You The Victory
  ======================= A K Das Mridul

  If I shall not return-
  Don’t be in waiting,
  Don’t be so upset for me,
  If you can, pet pigeon,
  On the day when you forget
  Fly them in the blue sky.

  If I shall not come back never-
  Don’t fly kite in the sky of your heart,
  If you feel so lonely walking on the way at twilight
  Don’t be sad,
  Know, there is me walking side by side you
  With hand to hand.

  If shall I not return-
  Fleet in the sea
  All those my gifts,
  In the juvenile light of the new day
  Have a bath in cool water,
  Don’t worry; I shall remain shadow of you.

  If I shall not come back never-
  Don’t stay awaken night for me,
  Go asleep in the southern breeze
  Lighting the bloody candle of love,
  Know, I am sitting upside the bed
  Looking at you all over the night.

  If shall I not return-
  Keep up the dreams,
  Not everything is gained in a life,
  Nor everybody returns from the battle field,
  If shall I not return, don’t pay homage to my grave
  Having so agony inside the heart.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

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