Don’t Be Lost
  ============ A K Das Mridul

  If you would get lost ever,
  This beautiful world shall turn fade,
  Every step shall be dormant,
  Blood cells to get enthralled.
  When all around become worse,
  Love and romance fall to recall;
  Eyes lull colorful dreams;
  Awaken shall be the sleepless night,
  Still then, you will exist in my heart so lighting;
  In my love garden full of illusion,
  You will remain for eras
  Lighting the bloody flame of love.

  If you would ever go far away,
  I will get lost in my own oblivion,
  Draw hermitage in the heart,
  For you, only for you;
  Find you in the mob of thousands of peoples.
  Will get lost? Go!
  I will discover you in poems,
  Someday the poems
  Shall break the sleep of failure.

  Night will disappear by the crack of dawn,
  Chirping shall break sleep,
  So a new day shall begin;
  So it will raise a new hope.
  You are still then recalled,
  You will survive in my essence,
  Live in my torment heart;
  Return back to the door of dream over and over again,
  You will come back being the red sun of the white dawn;
  To touch my sleeping heart.

  If someday, you go away to the far;
  I will find you from the other end of the world,
  Find you out in the cool bracing with rain,
  Else, possibly you will be there in the azure
  Sometime in the calm beauty of the nature, or
  On the silver moon of the night of worship,
  I will find you- only you;
  Still you are pleased not to go out,
  Never, in any time, by any reason.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

Madhobkundo Hill
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