If I Would Be Indra
  ================ A K Das Mridul

  If I would be the Moon,
  I would wrap you the shining cover
  With affection touching your neck to the navel,
  Get relief of my ever thirsty growing in the heart.

  If I would be mascara,
  I will sweep the dark lids of your cool eyes
  In close embracing,
  Having pocked of magic spell in romance without tiresomeness.

  If I would be wind,
  I will loose up your bun
  And fly them in tender breeze by the feelings of romance,
  Pick up the winy fragrance from your silky hair.

  If I would be a lip dyer,
  I will splash color in crimson glow
  Over your pairs of sweet soft lips,
  Sip the sweet water so thirsty.

  If I would be rain,
  I shall pass across the deep of your heart so fast
  Touching by your soft body,
  Set the stream of heavenly warmth in blood cells.

  If I would be lace,
  The cost of your bosom will be passed
  To take shelter in the temple of your heart,
  Rise pondering in warmth storm dashing in the deep of your heart.

  If I would be Indra,
  I will settle on your lap
  Make day out in warmth cuddling,
  Get fulfilled of the thirsty of nectar left to come for thousand of lives.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

Madhobkundo Hill
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