The Epic Of The Heart
  =================== A K Das Mridul

  You are not             in childhood days
            A girl to play doll,
  You are                     of a moon night
          A traveler of a hard way.

  You are not                   of far horizon
                  A flying bird,
  You are                             for living
                The dreamy eyes.

  I am not                     of so long past
            Any partly picture,
  I am                               of this time
                A failure poet.

  You are not                   of cloudy sky
        Restless rain falling continuously,
  You are                           built by God
        An innocent beautiful creation.

  You are not                   of silent night
          The cry of a hungry child,
  You are                         of shiny days
        The crystal emerald of romance.

  I am not                           devastator
            Erosion of angry river,
  I am               of the twentieth century
            Tie of hands of time.

  You are not                 of lost memory
              Any sleeping agony,
  You are         surrounded by mountains
        A brisk water fall of the nature.

  You are not                     a flowerless
                    Deep forest,
  You are             bath in the moonshine
          Beauty of the starry night.

  I am not                 at the dreamy door
            Any imaginary Cuckoo,
  I am                             of this society
            A revolutionary youth.

  You have           of the sea of romance
      The tender innumerable softness,
  I have                   of the pretty heart
            An epic poem.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

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