Off The Hearing
  ============== A K Das Mridul

  Never had you wanted to know
  Why did I pass hard my worse time,
  Why tempest inflicted in my pretty heart,
  Why my heart has last all eases tearing like child!

  In the turn of the seasons
  So long time is elapsed,
  Never had you tolled give me a love,
  Never had you tolled imagine me
  Seeing moonshine in the night sky,
  Never had you called me in silent word of the childish mind
  Hay, traveler— have
  The soft touch by soft hand.

  Never had I thought in calm restful time surrounded by shadow,
  Why don’t my eyes get sleep,
  Why even sleep come, but not the dream,
  Why is happiness not in my heart,
  Never had you though why don’t I get happiness remain.

  As like the rain downing to earth touching by the sky,
  You are too the same in dull arrogance
  Like the blue poison of agony
  Floating in my eyes
  In Continuous stream of the rainy day.

  The days are passing in hope,
  End comes to day and night too,
  Never had you tolled just come to draw a kiss on the eye shore,
  Nor to have a snap of coupled hand on green morning dew,
  All those hopes in my mind still remain the dream,
  You didn’t response to my cordial appeal,
  So abode of my heart is flooded away in the stream of time.

  It’s like mist hiding you in the play of irony,
  That I am just the way
  Scouring over so vast
  To get you,
  Then me who only come to you,
  Why have I come?
  Because only I love you!

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

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