Lover Forever
  ============ A K Das Mridul

  Heard your shriven whine from the mountain,
  Here is me, just coming so close to you;
  Thirsty stone in water fall stream to go on and on;
  Bloody flower on shoot serves sweet fragrance,
  You don’t know me!
  Me the silver shine in far azure;
  Cool rain coming down through the horizon,
  You are blind though with eyes, could not see me;
  Me the light of firefly in darkness;
  The promise of shining sun emerged in the blue of azure,
  She is my untouched love of my life forever.

  Love is water color on canvas drawn by artist’s brush;
  Crops that farmer gain at so sweating,
  Love waking in the pen of poet so living poem;
  Stress of life struggler rushing all the time,
  Love on the eyes of lover tearing down in waiting;
  The lover’s hour of worship shrouded by shine,
  Love in soil emerging green field;
  The very nectar water of thirsty served by mother’s hand,
  Having on bosom the illusion of the soil’s affection;
  The lover forever, ancient primeval man of the civilization.

  I don’t come to pick up love, but only serve;
  Not I even sought to find the agony of the lover;
  Who had lost his torn cottage in the early war,
  Bullet embedded heart to pain making all havoc;
  Nobody wiped his tear,
  On the crossing of mourn shadow, I still remain standing on blur field,
  Love of grasshopper to have touch on bloody flower in hand,
  My eyes looking oblivion;
  Standing is victorious lover with red-green flag in the air,
  Breezy air off stirring his calm eyes;
  Poked sway of romance in the deep of love,
  Love is fragrance from muddy earth;
  On the rich green field full blossomed of humanities.

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  Poetry Book: Musing Days in Love of the Bluebird.

Madhobkundo Hill
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